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We are proud to represent these companies. We have selected these companies because we believe they bring quality equipment and engineering solutions to the industry. We are committed to provide our customers technical support and application analysis in their effort to reach their production goals.

Hormesa is dedicated to providing the foundry industry with equipment and systems for the melting and casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Whether you are puring ingots or near finished parts, Hormesa has a solution for you.

Conticast, part of Hormesa, are manufacturers of Continuous Casting machines for producing rods, bars, tubes, strips and sections in copper, copper alloys, brass and bronze plus gold, silver, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.

Manufacturer of chip dryer systems, industrial furnaces, and after-burner systems. Inquire for more information.

Gabande Machinery is a manufacturer of equipment for processing and handling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals after extrusion, continuous casting, and lamination. Gabande’s 70 years of industry experience and wide range of equipment make it an obvious choice for your metal handling needs.

IMR is an equipment manufacturer for the non-ferrous foundry industry. From sand core machines, to gravity and low pressure die-casting solutions, IMR has positioned itself as one choice for many solutions.

Neotecman emerged from a family of stampers who decided to develop their own production systems in order to improve hot brass stamping. What we now have is machine like no other, saving you time, material, and money.

Based in Spain, Mepsa is a leading company in the design and manufacture of automatic machinery and equipment for the polishing, grinding, deburring and satin-etching of metal parts and other materials.

Turbotecnica Engineering is an Italian manufacturer of shot blasting systems and solutions for surface treatments of various types of products and materials.

Revismac, also known as TRZ Tranfer, is an Italian based manufacturer of CNC transfer machines with the best quality in the market and at the right price.

Caber Impianti, based in Italy, is a manufacturer of industrial washing machines and drying furnaces for small parts producers.

Felp, based in Italy, is a manufacturer of automated assembly systems primarlity for the valves, fittings, taps industries.

Smith & Richardson has built a strong legacy as a provider of custom solutions for our customers in both chaplets for metal casting and precision machined parts markets.

Chase Brass and Copper is a brass rod manufacturer, specializing in their signature leaded machinable alloy C360 as Blue Dot® Rod brand and their lead-free machinable alloy C693 ECOBRASS®.

CMX manufactures brass, bronze, and engineered alloys including the patented C87850 EcoBrass® ingot under the most stringent conditions. CMX has over 200 years combined experience in delivering quality ingots to its customers.