Caber Impianti


Caber Impianti srl was founded in 1976 with the aim to fulfill the washing requirements of small parts producers.

Since then, Caber Impianti srl has become a leader in this field for its good prices and quality.

Caber Impianti srl is located in a new and modern building with 3450 mq, including engineering, production area, electrical and electronics department. Our warehouse is reliable on components immediate dispatch.

Caber Impianti srl is able to supply a wide series of machines for cleaning every kind and quantity of production.

Caber Impianti srl is a trusted and reliable factory which includes, among its many customers, a number of international small and big metal parts manufacturers. Moreover, a network of agents and distributors spread all over the world, has been increasing our customers’ trust for years.

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