Low Pressure Die Casting



IMR’s Low pressure die casting automatic plant, BPC155, consisting of a single manipulator with one working station to work with one operator and to support multi-impression dies, one pressurised three-phase low-frequency channel induction furnace 125kW,  hydraulic unit for driving manipulator, computer controlled pressurising system, electric power and control panel built-in the machine for the furnace and for the work station. The stand alone, modular concept of the plant does not require foundations or special structure for the positioning, this gives a high degreee of flexibility allowing  to easily position the machine wherever it is required. Due to the high flexibility, assembly requirements can be easily satisfied. The plant is equipped standard with PLC control and safety photocell protections.

General Characteristics

•    Plug-in Concept
•    One head manipulator
•    Pressurised three phase low freq. channel induction furnace 125 kW
•    Hydraulic unit for manipulator movements
•    Pressurising unit with valves and instruments
•    Control panel for manipulator complete with PLC
•    Control panel for induction furnace
•    Computer control unit for furnace pressurisation and metal pouring
•    Safety photocell protection barrier
•    Arranged for the automatic loading of the ingots


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