Assembly and Test Systems

Felp Ball-01

We are proud to offer assembly and test systems from Felp in Italy.  Below is a sample of Felp’s solutions for Ball Valve and Stem Assembly.


Automatic Assembly of “only the Stem” of the Ball Valves.



Manual Load of the Body and Automatic Assembly of all the components (excluding the handle).



Manual load of assembled valve, and automatically run a “leak test” (by decrease of pressure) then the handle is assembled..



A complete line with a high level of automation and productivity.  One operator to load the body and the sleeve (fitting).  Components are loaded via a “loading buffer” (feeding systems) to be independent form the operator-machine.. this will achieve a higher level of efficiency.



High level of Automation and Capacity. NO operator directly on the line, but only to service the system (loading components to the feeding systems/stations, supervision).  Valve is tested “air trapped inside” and by decrease of pressure.

The final assembly of the Handle, (including Markings) and Fittings are performed as well.



One Operator for Loading Valve body, then assembled and tested (air trapped inside).