Straightening Machines


We offer Straightening and Cutting Machines for:


  • Models with diameter inlets ranging from 4mm up to 38 mm.
  • 0.5 mm to lengths of 500 mm (norm EN 10218-2).


  • Straightening for square, rectangles and irregular shapes, such as T-bars.
  • Speed up to 80m/min with guidance rolls at the entrance and at the exit.
  • Intuitive operation by touch screen.
  • These can be supplied with feeding and unloading tables.


  • Six-roller straightening machine
  • Models with diameter range from 3 mm to 135 mm. And thickness range from 8.5 mm to 36 mm.
  • End-to-End Straightening


  • Max diameter (45.0 mm)
  • Min diameter (26.0 mm)
  • Operating parameters (line speed, diameter of material, etc.) via touch screen with intuitive menus.